The combat functionality is thoroughly being worked on for “A Shadow’s Trail”. We won’t show game-play until around summer of 2019. At the meantime, please take a look at the Samurai that will be in the game.

Happy New’s Year, it’s 2019

Happy New Years to everyone. To all those who are following the site and supporting “A Shadow’s Trail”, we at Squeaky Grease Productions would like to say thank you. The site hasn’t be updated since November, but as you can see that is no longer the case. God Bless!



We are working so hard with the game play mechanics consisting of combat, stealth, and more. We are not ready to show this to the public, but it is coming soon. The Kusari-gama is an important weapon that the ninjas used in the ancient times, yes, this will also be in “A Shadow’s Trail, episode 1”. We are currently prototyping this weapon in the game. Please take a look at the pictures