Prototyping and testing animations.

This a low-poly test model that we are testing our animations on. This is NOT the character you will be playing as. Prototyping is a very critical aspect when developing a game. For too many indie studios will just rush to show a graphical, art driven demo or even a trailer, but the game playContinue reading “Prototyping and testing animations.”

Welcome to the homepage of “A Shadow’s Trail”

A Shadow’s Trail is a historical fiction action-adventure stealth video game that is geared to be released on the video game consoles—Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. Developed by Squeaky Grease Productions, a studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, A Shadow’s Trail offers players the chance to complete objectives in hostile, enemy-filled environments utilizing—stealth, close & openContinue reading “Welcome to the homepage of “A Shadow’s Trail””