Environmental art

We successfully got algorithms controlling the style and the use of textures in our environmental art. For example, this is a tree stump and we want to add moss to it. The team can control the level of moss on the tree stump using sliders and vertex paint.

Prototyping and testing animations.

This a low-poly test model that we are testing our animations on. This is NOT the character you will be playing as. Prototyping is a very critical aspect when developing a game. For too many indie studios will just rush to show a graphical, art driven demo or even a trailer, but the game play is totally broken. Too many studios have went down this path and never made it to light. We will never take this route. Heck no!!!!!! #AShadowsTrail


The trailer for that we originally wanted to show back in October has been pushed back to a later time. It is still being worked on, but we are currently having trouble with implementing some of the control functionality, getting some animations working properly, and getting everyone on the team with the latest build—it happens, that’s life of a start-up. Please be sure to believe we are on the grind to give you what you need—a fun video game. We will have another update for you guys real soon.—Normdiggy

Welcome to the homepage of “A Shadow’s Trail”

A Shadow’s Trail is a historical fiction action-adventure stealth video game that is geared to be released on the video game consoles—Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. Developed by Squeaky Grease Productions, a studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, A Shadow’s Trail offers players the chance to complete objectives in hostile, enemy-filled environments utilizing—stealth, close & open quarters combat, environmental objects, and gadgets.

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