Meet the Team!

Norman “Normdiggy” Wilson—Game Designer/Level Designer

Often called “Normdiggy” by those who really know him, Norman has stumbled upon level design back in 2004 when he was exposed to the Unreal Engine 2. Since then, he has been embedded into level design; it’s in him. When not doing game/level design, normdiggy is trying to build disciples in Christ along with drawing, exercising, reading, and writing! ###fun_stuff

Jon “trepid_jon” Day—Network Technician


Jon “trepid_jon” Day has been a game developer since growing up and attending high school in Lufkin, Texas and is a graduate of Full Sail University out of Winter Park, Florida majoring in the Science of Game Design & Development. His entire professional career has taken place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area working interchangeably as a level designer and programmer at studios Gearbox Software, Paradigm Simulations and Entertainment, Controlled Chaos Media, and From the Future. Alongside of this, Jon has worked intensively in the indie game market. In his spare time, he develops apps, makes levels, game modifications, and dabbles in drones/robotics.

Koffi Komlassan—Environmental Artist


A graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta—class of 2012— Koffi has been passionate about video games since the age of 10, which led to him becoming a lover of environmental 3d design using the software tools Maya and Softimage. When not developing anything in 3-d or playing video games, Koffi devotes his time being active in the Christian community.

Mike Penrod—Art Director


Mike Penrod has been an artist since he could hold a crayon. His idol is Leonardo Divinci, and has modeled his life as a renaissance man. He received a scholarship to earn his BFA in painting at TCU and went on to graduate from the Guildhall at SMU. As an artist he has been able to study around the world like Hungary and Peru. He has worked on games for everything from mobile phones to consoles and PC’s. Most recently he worked as the Art Director at Controlled Chaos Media where he got the chance to work with brilliant artists, programmers, and designers. Now he spends his days studying Ninjustu in order to bring these characters to life.


Devin Gee—Lead Environmental Artist


Devin Gee has been an artist all of his life and fell in love with the concept of making video games in high school. That love took him to The Art Institute of Los Angles California where he got his Bachelors in Game Design and then to the Academy of Art University where he received his Master’s in Game Design. He has been a part of creating art for different mediums such as Web design, Graphic design, TV commercials as well as short films, but his passion is still video games. He is a devoted father of 3 and loving husband to his high school sweetheart, and loves to spend time with them. When not busy he likes to just chill and hang out with friends and family, watch a movie, play video games or participate in outside activities.

Mohamed Belal—3D Animator

Known to his close friends as “Bebo”, Mohamed hails in from Egypt. A graduate from Mansoura University, working previously as a motion graphic artist who now brings his talent to the family, Bebo enjoys the life of bringing characters to life.

Jerod Oakes—Environmental Artist

Brotha J. O. has had an in interest in video games since elementary school. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Games and Interactive Media at High Point University—focusing on 3D Environment Art. He specializes in hard surfaced 3D Assets and lighting. On his free time, he enjoys expanding his 3D knowledge and practicing his musical instruments such as piano, pitched percussion, and drums.